Hi there! The name is Shadow! I decided to put most of my fanart here along with sketches and practice things. Though I'l probably post some other stuff here and there. I'm in love with crossovers so most of my things will be crossed with another series.


Uta no Prince sama 3rd Season hopes


I’m really excited about the upcoming 3rd season of Uta no Prince sama so here are my thoughts and hopes for the storyline:

So far, the previous season was about the life of an idol and how Haruka’s songs have encouraged STARISH to do their best; thus leading them to successfully get a role in a…

Oh no, it wasn’t just you. There was really no actual moment between Masato and Haruka, which annoyed me. From looking over the two seasons, I’m starting to believe the developers hate Masato. :\ He gets pushed to the side A LOT (amounting to less scenes and face time compared to the other guys).

I would be over the moon if Haruka chooses Masato in canon, but I really don’t see it happening considering how the anime is laid out (It really is more of a Tokiya route if anything).

I am really interested to see what they do with the third season since the last couple games are about Quartet Night. Though I wouldn’t object to seeing Haruka and Ai interact. X’3 What are they going to do indeed~

ayuhime904 asked
Hi! I read your post analyzing Yusuke and his character role and ending. I agree with it 100 percent and I thought it was really interesting. They also really gave Natsume horrible treatment, I think. What is your opinion/analysis on Natsume's ending in the novels and his reaction to how it turned out?


Hello!  Sorry for the extremely late response!  ;w;/  I saw your submits, but I was waiting for this ask to reply~!  (Also I’m happy you like my blog!  Just wanted to thank you for that from your first submit!  :P)

Anyways analyzing Natsume yes (I apologize in advance if I’m off in some details, I am going off of pure memory here)  This is going to get long, so bear with me since I go off on a necessary tangent to answering your questions.  Under a read more for length.

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So I’m trying to draw Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun characters and…I freaking can’t draw Nozaki’s face for some reason. GAH!!! |||OTL

I feel like I’m blocking at least one person a day in the Narusaku tag because someone feels like cross tagging their hate of the pairing. *Sigh*